General Information

General Information

For many years now, agricultural enterprises have been facing substantial changes in their framework conditions. As a result, many companies are forced to expand and invest in order to survive.

At the same time, price developments are becoming more and more unstable due to the liberalisation of the agricultural market.

We can help you hedge against incalculable market developments and price fluctuations.

By buying/selling futures you can fix future prices for sales/purchases of commodities.

Accordingly, your production’s economic result as well as future margins of trading activities can be determined to the greatest possible extent months ahead of time. This planning certainty will also strengthen your position in credit negotiations.

Kaack Terminhandel acts as intermediary for futures (commodity futures transactions) on agricultural products (e.g. wheat, soybeans, feeder pigs, lean hogs, potatoes) on different commodity futures exchanges worldwide, especially the Eurex in Frankfurt, the MATIF in Paris and the CBOT in the USA. Challenge us.

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